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Discovering my Yogic Spiritual Path

In “What yoga can teach us about living,” I wrote about how, for decades, I viewed religion as a relic from our early human history, a way to explain natural phenomena and explore our budding self-awareness. I also admitted that living with this agnosticism brought me little comfort, especially during the past few years. This dissatisfaction is what originally brought me to yoga and to reading ancient texts.

My journey away from spirituality was healthy and necessary to distance myself from the

Take a closer look at your pictures

Remember the first few years when you were on your own? This is usually the period when we’re paying our own bills for the first time, working entry-level jobs, and deciding who we want to be in life. While they seemed like a constant struggle at the time, I look back on those years fondly. I moved to Colorado when I was 26 — 2000 miles from where I grew up. These were FUN years full of parties, new friendships, gaining confidence in my profession, and meeting my future husband. I lived in a spa

What yoga can teach us about living

Note: This article is an excerpt from my final essay from the Yoga Philosophy & Spirituality course hosted by Happy Jack Yoga. This course will be offered again July 24–28.

Several decades ago, as a young teacher going through Montessori training, I developed an interest in anthropology. I loved learning about early humans through Montessori’s didactic timelines, seeing examples of the tools they fashioned, where they lived, and how they came to create civilization. Something I read — I wish I

Rosé all day (without the hangover)

Oh, how I used to love Champagne! I loved the celebratory pop (or sigh, depending on your method of uncorking) and that mouthwatering mix of fruit + yeast + effervescence. I loved using my silver wine chiller and those elegant crystal flutes. I enjoyed learning about the very history of Champagne, especially that of the Widow Cliquot, and made a memorable trek in early 2015 to Reims to tour the wine caves. (The photo is from the Cliquot cellars which were originally dug by the Romans. Since then

Steps to Go from Meat Eating to Whole Food, Plant-Based

Steps to Go from Meat Eating to Whole Food, Plant-Based

Looking to go whole food, plant-based but nervous to do it overnight? Elizabeth’s story can help you see what steps some people take to get there!

The following article is reprinted from the blog Mountains & Magnolias with the author’s permission.

I’ve always been a lover of vegetables. Mama Chris often referred to me as her “little rabbit” when I was young due to my ability to put away platefuls of fresh carrots, celery, radishes, and s

Seven Japanese principles to live by

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that we spent a year in Tokyo. While the job wasn’t great, I was immersed in a culture that so resonated with me. As a nature-loving, tidy, minimalist, introvert, I had found my mecca. I look forward to returning someday under better circumstances and spending long stretches of time revisiting old haunts and exploring all the places we didn’t get to see.

I never acquired a good grasp of the language other than a few polite phrases, but I did learn a few ter

To tinker is human: Celebrating the rise of the weekend luddite

Years ago, my husband and I visited Denver’s Four Mile Historic Park, a restored stopover from 1859 that offered a place for weary travelers to rest, clean up, and get ready for the “big city” just four miles away. The park has volunteers reenacting typical activities that would have taken place during that time—knitting, quilting, caring for chickens and horses. As we wandered outside, we were drawn to the sound of metal striking metal and discovered a group of blacksmiths. I watched enthralled

The Badass-ness of Gray Hair

I stopped dying my hair a few years ago, even before the pandemic. In addition to the exorbitant expense and spending hours at the salon every eight weeks, I came to question the different messages I was receiving as a woman compared to how society views gray-haired men. Luckily, I stopped dying early enough that the transition was fairly subtle. The grays slowly came in and began to blend in with my existing dark brown. I didn't think much about it until recently, when taking a few selfies for
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